Tyrannosaurs Rex King of Dinosaurs

TOA Session 8 – Tyrannosaurs Rex King of Dinosaurs

Day 22, the party sets out from Camp Vengeance headed to the rumored direction of Omu. Commander Niles Breakbone loaned the party the use of Unril Silvertusk to assist them.  The curse has grown even more serious, and the Order of the Gauntlet will do what they can to help. The group checks downstream to see if their canoes are where they had hidden them.  After locating the boats they spend the day headed towards the Aldani Basin.  At the end of the day, the party sets up camp for the night.

The following day (Day 23) turns out to a very bad day for our poor adventurers.  During the first half of the day, the party encounters that king of dinosaurs – the Tyrannosaurs Rex.  Flask of Wine almost got eaten but was saved by Mr. Happy.  As the group made their escape, the last they saw of Mr Happy was of him being devoured by the T-Rex.

Our adventurers continue downstream and see a bridge across the river ahead of them.  The bridge is currently occupied by the Flaming Fist, and they would like to see the party's charter of exploration.  The group quickly realized that if they ever had one, Hew took it with him to the grave.  A fight breaks out and the knight leader and the acolyte of this patrol were killed.  The party manages to escape downstream, but they are now wanted by the Flaming Fist.

NOTE: This video is messed up and missing the second half.