Miacknian Mun and Cassomir

Strange Aeons Session 31 – Miacknian Mun and Cassomir

ehtem baler 1
Ehtem Baler – Esoteric Knight of Evolement
Photo credit: Paizo

After thirty sessions of gameplay, the group makes it to the halfway point in the adventure by arriving in the city of Cassomir.  Still hot on the trail of Count Lowls, they are looking for a known associate of the Count, Maicknian Mun.  Mun is a respected alchemist who is instrumental in developing new shipbuilding techniques through alchemy.  Sadly, that's all the party knows about Mr. Mun.  They ask Skywin Freeling and she suggests the harbormaster, or the guy who built her ship – Ethem Baler.  Ethem is the chief shipwright of the Imperial Naval Shipyards and would most likely know how to find Maickian Mun.  Skywin tells them that he can be found at the Sceptered House – a reading room and lounge withing the Abbey Green District of Cassomir.

The groups departs for the Sceptered House while Skywin goes to ask the harbormaster.  The party finds Ehtem at a booth studying ship blueprints.  Eric Kell sits down and starts up a conversation with the gnome.  Eric starts the conversation by mentioning the Sellen Starling, and Ehtem tells him all about it.  After a lengthy conversation about ship buildig, Eric directs the conversation to Maicknian Mun.  Ehtem tells the group that Mun is a well respected alchemist whos inventions have benefited shipbuilding.  However, sometimes his experiments don't meet the approval of his peers.  Once or twice there was even a riot, and Ehtem says that it's a shame that he has to sleep behind bars to protect himself.  Ehtem also shares a concern of his about Mun being seen receiving visitors, but none of them ever seen leaving.  After getting the location of Mun's house and laboratory, Eric thanks Ehtem and the group heads out.

Mun 1
Miacknian Mun
Credit: Paizo

The party knocks on Mun's door and within a couple of minutes, a gentleman answer the door.  Eric informs the gentleman that they are here to see Miacknian Mun. The party is informed that Mr Mun is working on a project for the navy, and for them to check back tomorrow. The group decides to check in with Skywin and see the harbor master for any records of Lowls arrival.  Once back on ship, Skywin informs them that the harbor master does indeed know where Mun lives and she tells the group.  Eric, does not reveal to her that they have already visited.

The group heads off to see the harbor master and after a bribe, they are allowed to see the passenger manifests.  After a long search,  the party can't find Count Lowl's name on any of the manifests.  Eric suggests looking for single passengers with a lot of luggage, and the group is unable to locate any suspicious entries.  The harbor master tells them that maybe Count Lowl's paid extra to not be listed on the manifests.  They decided to return to the Sellen Starling and wait for the night during which they intend on staking out Mun's lab.

The next morning, our group knocks on the door again and receive the same answer, “Mr. Mun is busy working on a project for the navy, please check back tomorrow”.  After hearing that, Eric turns invisible and forces his way into the house.  Eric quickly realizes that they are not alone in the house.