The Mad Poet

Strange Aeons Session 29 – The Mad Poet

The party rescues the Yellow King and return to the way station.  Once they have rested, the Yellow King takes them to see the Mad Poet.  When approaching the Mad Poet's hut, poppy and Sith get captivated by this tree.  Eric Kell trips Sith in order to break him free of his enchantment.  Poppy walks up to the tree and starts to eat one of the fruits.  The tree swings one of it's fruit laden branches and hits Poppy.  Poppy notices that the fruit has a mouth that actually bit him.

After defeating the tree, the Mad Poet appears and parlays with the party.  The group learns of Count Lowl's plans and where he is most likely headed.  The Mad Poet restores the party's memories.  Before departing the oasis, all the members receive a mental message, “You are now free, to remain so you must find me.”  An ominous message from an unknown source.

The party bids farewell to the Yellow King and returns to the material plane.