Into The Necropolis

Not Curse of Strahd Session 1 – Into The Necropolis

I've always had fond memories of playing Ravenloft when it was first released and I was really excited about Curse of Strahd. I have hosted two different groups for COS, but sadly both groups fell apart before the castle. When my Saturday group had finished their latest adventure, it seemed like the perfect time to run a heavily modified Curse of Strahd game. Characters are starting at 10th level and we will just be running the castle part of Strahd. How will this group handle Curse of Strahd, especially when one of the characters is Grandma?

Session 1 begins with the group getting hired to investigate a missing necromancer and dead with the dead escaping their graves at a local cemetery. During the investigation and ensuing battle, they find themselves surrounded by a mist that starts plane shifting them from world to world.

I used Dungeon in a Box's one-shot called Sardonyx Necropolis as a way to draw the players into Curse of Strahd