Dibs Wagon of Doom

FGGAMEDAYS 2/4/23 – Dibs Wagon of Doom

Embark on a thrilling journey with a Fantasy Grounds Beginner Game! Are you a fan of DND 5e but eager to master the world of Fantasy Grounds? This game is the perfect starting point! All you need is a demo account and the Fantasy Grounds software to join the adventure. Unleash your imagination and discover the full potential of Fantasy Grounds.

The notorious goblin wrestler, Dib, is causing chaos in the town. After his defeat in his roadside fortress, he has been scheming his revenge. He has gathered a new group of weak followers and converted a stolen merchant wagon into a war machine. The wagon is powered by several goblins who, while loyal to Dib, lack the strength to pedal it effectively. Dib's plan to wreak havoc on the streets has not been as successful as he had hoped. In this lighthearted and humorous adventure for first-level players, the party must confront the war wagon, infiltrate it, and defeat its defenders. The fate of several potted plants and market stalls rests on their success.

This adventure is from Prepared 2: A Dozen One-Shot Adventures for 5th Edition by Kobold Press and is available through the Fantasy Grounds Store.