Extensions & Themes for Fantasy Grounds


Session Number Decals by GM Wintermute

It’s become quite popular to either stream your games to Twitch or upload game videos to Youtube.  Creating custom screenshots for the game sessions is a hassle and can be time consuming.

In an effort to streamline the process, I have created the Session Number Decals extension for Fantasy Grounds.

Simply download and install the extension into your %appdata%\Fantasy Grounds\Extensions folder.  Activate the extension when loading your campaign, and then you can easily change your decal to the current session number.  You can find the decal setting in the Fantasy Grounds Options menu under game.

This extension is configured for session 0 to 50.  I have also provided a Photoshop PSD file as a starting place if you wish to create your own session graphics.

Download This Extension   Download Photoshop PSD

NOTE:  You will need to change the file extension from .zip to .ext before moving into your extensions folder.