GMW Toolkit

Every DM has their own toolkit, and I’m no different. So here is the GMW Toolkit that lists all of the applications, extensions, and custom modules I’ve created for Fantasy Grounds.

Add the name of your game and the session number to the combat tracker.
Replace that boring theme background with your own image.

Yup, these are the tools that I use to create custom backgrounds, decals, session decal images and more.

GMW Decal Maker for FG

Make your own decal sets using the GMW Decal Maker for Fantasy Grounds.  Quickly turn your images into decals with only a few mouse clicks.  No coding, no XML editing….

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Background Theme Maker for FG

The Background Theme Maker for Fantasy Grounds is a Windows application that will allow you to create custom background-only themes using your images.  Quick and simple to use without editing…

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Combat Tracker Game Name and Session Number Extension

What It Does This extension will override the Combat Tracker default title, replacing it with the adventure name and session number selected from the options menu. The game name option…

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Session Decal Image Creator

This script requires Linux to run. Get the source at Bitbucket. This bash script will generate custom session decals for the Fantasy Grounds desktop. Free free to modify my script,…

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Session Number Decal Extension

It’s become quite popular to either stream your games to Twitch or upload game videos to Youtube.  Creating custom screenshots for the game sessions is a hassle and can be…

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