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Dungeons and Dragons

My list of resources for the Dungeon and Dragons role playing game.

Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds is an awesome virtual tabletop program that supports a wide variety of rulesets. Here's most everything you need to know.

Free Stuff

Get your free stuff here. Download extensions, decal makers and more.

GM Wintermute

All about GM Wintermute

GMW Toolkit

My GMW Toolkit shows you the resources that I use to customize my games. Easily change things like backgrounds, decals, and put your campaign name on the combat tracker.


Have a gaming question? You'll find help with our gaming resources.

House Rules

House rules for my campaigns.


Mapping software links and reviews.

Maps, Tokens and Graphics

All kinds of maps, tokens, and graphics for your game.

My Campaign Stuff

Maps, tokens, graphics and other items specific to my campaigns.


Resources for the Pathfinder role playing game.

Promo Videos

Promotional videos that I created for this website and several of my campaigns.

Quick Tips

Check out my quick tips for Fantasy Grounds. Learn how to lock tokens, negate damage, and more.


Game related help, links, tutorials, and more resources.


HOW-TO videos, quick tip videos, promo videos, and all other kinds of videos.