GMW Campaign Toolkit Beta Download

Welcome to the GMW Campaign Toolkit Beta Testers download area.

Please download the most recent Release Date.

Release DateVersionBuildDownload Link
2019-05-301.2.259580a17 GURPSDownload
2019-04-201.2.222b4e594 SWADEDownload
2019-03-251.2.0 (Release)a97a497Download
2019-03-241.2.0 (Testing) 0d21f98b Download
2019-03-171.2.0 RC1fd082345Download
2019-03-151.2.0 RC1 8ff08c1 Download
2019-03-141.2.0 RC125a7148Download

Download sample images here

Note: You will have to manually uninstall old version before installing new ones.