The Graveyard

Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.
~ Proverb

The adventuring lifestyle is hard on player characters.  As fate would have it, not all characters live to retirement.  Sometimes there circumstances are too great for the character to handle and they are defeated.

This graveyard is dedicated to those brave and sometimes foolhardy player characters that we have lost during our campaigns.

Adventurers, We Salute Thee!

Gudrun Hightower

Level 3 Cleric
Chaotic Good
Killed by Frost Giant
Killed during D&D 5e - Tomb of Annihilation


Level 7 Warpriest
Chaotic Good
Killed by
Killed during Carrion Crown Book 2 - Trial of the Beast


Level 4 Oracle
Chaotic Neutral
Killed by Revenant
Killed during Strange Aeons Book 2 - The Thrushmoor Terror